Mother’s Love Growing in the Community Garden

Mother’s Love Growing in the Community Garden

The Church of God in Ridgewood gave some very much needed love to the Rutherford Community Garden on Sunday, February 22. World Mission Society Church of God members helped remove neglected trash from the park, located at the intersection of Erie and Grand Avenue. This landscape, near the old Rutherford railroad station, was turned into a public garden and park for residents. Now it has become a beloved park in the Rutherford community.

At 10:30 a.m., 70 Church of God members showed up in their trademark yellow shirts to complete a variety of tasks. With great anticipation of upgrading the garden, they went straight to work. Volunteers didn’t waste any time, picking up debris, raking leaves, and spreading mulch throughout the garden. One might assume that people would be unwilling to participate in a community service in such cold weather. However, the Church of God volunteers worked cheerfully, even in 35-degree weather.

The garden was established 10 years ago for the community. Yet, unfortunately, debris has piled up on the ground over the years. Recently, residents began to express concern about the accumulation of waste. For this reason, Church of God members did not limit themselves to only picking up garbage, rotten logs, and leaves. They also contributed to the beautification of the garden so that Rutherford residents will be able to enjoy the garden even more than before. Volunteers built flower benches for the elderly as well as a composting area for leaves to be collected in preparation for fertile soil.

John Hughes, Vice Chairman of the Rutherford Green Team, had nothing but praising words for the Church of God in Ridgewood. “The World Mission Society Church of God came in here with a bunch of wonderful volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and just made a beautiful area and our community even more beautiful,” said John Hughes. “I think the community is going to love what you did as they see it.”

Briana Morales, a Rutherford resident, participated in the volunteer service and could not contain her excitement. When asked about working alongside the Church of God she said, “There’s a lot of love here, and it’s not only with action. You can feel the love and unity. It was definitely a good experience.”

This volunteer event marks the 3,560th cleanup the Church of God has carried out worldwide. Through continuous unity and sincere devotion, the members are steadfast in providing local aid for surrounding towns. In fact, such actions come from the volunteers’ desire to follow the example of Heavenly Mother’s love and care for others. John Hughes captured it best: “Everyone in your group just showed love. You showed love for nature, love for community, and you showed love for your fellow-man. I mean, what can be better than that?”

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  1. This was such a great experience! This is one of the reasons why I love the Church of God so much, we get to give back to our local communities. The garden turned out so beautiful because of all the unity and love from the members! Great job!

  2. This garden meant to much for the people of Rutherford! I can’t wait until the people see it and begin planting for the spring.

  3. Nowadays all young people always just do something to please themselves without thinking.
    But WMSCOG members are so different from people out there.
    Cheer up ! WMSCOG !!

  4. The actions of the Church of God members and the appreciation of the residents in Rutherford is all very inspiring. This is what being a neighbor and part of a community is all about. Great job Church of God members, please continue to be the great examples.

  5. That’s so amazing! I used to live close to Rutherford and it’s so nice to see so many people eager to care for the community. Thank you for your hard work!!

  6. Wonderful to see so much work being done around the state of New Jersey, due to the volunteer efforts of the members of the WMSCOG. When the parks and gardens were dirty no one looked twice, but now due to such efforts the community will create memories and share happy moments together.
    Once you participate you can see how much of an impact these efforts make! Thank you for setting great examples for the global community by sharing the love of Heavenly Mother!

  7. The garden isn’t really big but it has impacted the community so much. It’s really nice to see a group consider what matters to the public the most. Good job guys!

  8. Taking care of the community through Mother’s love, it is amazing to see this being done.
    World Mission Society Church of God members are really angels from heaven.

  9. The WMSCOG is the best church ever! All the selfless deeds from the members, truly shines God’s glory to communities in need and throughout the entire world!

  10. What a beautiful example of unity and caring for the community. For years no one tried to beautify that area but thanks the World Mission Society Church Of God a place that once was filled with disgust and trash has now received the wonderful love and attention that only a mother can give. Great Job!!

  11. I am always so moved by the efforts of the members of the Church of God! Although they could be spending their time dedicated to personal commitments, they continuously give of themselves to benefit the community! What a great example! Thank you for all that you do!

  12. Wow the Church of God always shares love with our neighbors by always doing a good deeds such as community services. The Church of God members are always kind and gentle. Church of God is AWESOME!

  13. It’s so great to know there is a Church like the WMSCOG, that actively seeks how to help their neighbors. Through clean-ups, blood drives, helping the veterans and being there in times of natural disasters. It’s so refreshing to see people sharing Mother’s love !!

  14. WMSCOG is the most exciting organization! They are contributing to the good of all people in all parts of the region and even the world. Keep it up!

  15. Church of God members are examples of how we should all live with each other. Keep doing the amazing work that truly makes a great difference in our communities!

  16. It’s so comforting to know there are still people out there that care for their community and are willing to do something for their neighbors.

  17. This is what sets apart the WMSCOG! I love the fact that they are always seeking ways to help the community and serve others. WMSCOG members are awesome!

  18. this was the most beautiful experience ever, the unity and energy from everyone working and smiling at the same time was the most touching part . I will definitely join next time.

  19. I always smile thinking of the thoughtful community service activities of the World Mission Society Church of God. How many people and/or church organizations must have walked run, or drove passed this park but never thought to clean up the debris. I’m fascinated by the church members’ efforts and want to say keep up the great work!

  20. Wow! This is Amazing! I was greatly moved to read that despite the weather conditions the members from the World Mission Society Church of God, went out and cleaned the community. Truly it shows
    their love for their neighbors and commitment to follow the footsteps of Christ.

  21. One of the many things I truly love about the World Mission Society Church of God is that they truly put their teachings into action. What a wonderful thing thing to see both young and old come together to better society. They do the things that people overlook or don’t want to bother getting their hands dirty with. Great job Church of God!

  22. It’s refreshing to find this age-group taking action in their church these days. And knowing they fulfilled their promise to volunteer despite every excuse to postpone, till a warmer day, is just impressive. Good job World Mission Society Church of God! Please continue to set a good example for the rest of the young adults out there.

  23. Cold weather, a little dirt, heavy lifting, and hard labor…Nothing can stop the members of the World Mission Society Church of God from spreading the love of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Look at those smiles! Genuine and from the heart and happy to serve.

  24. Great job Church of God! I’m so proud to be a member of this church that is always working to serve their neighbors.

  25. It is so beautiful to see so many people come together and do a precious deed of helping one another. The WMSCOG truly reflects true dignity, true integrity and a true heart to devote their own time to display the Glory of Heavenly Mother’s love by helping their communities. Bravo WMSCOG!

  26. I’m really inspired by this article. It’s great to come together and give back. World Mission Society Church of God. We rock!

  27. It is very inspiring to see the members of the World Mission Society Church Of God carry out volunteer services. They work so hard despite poor weather conditions. Congratulations!

  28. This sounds like it was so much fun! I’m always excited to hear about composting and community gardens but with people’s buy schedules there is no time to focus on these things. Thanks to God Elohim for the example to give time for the betterment of the world..

  29. The World Missions Society Church of God members are really awesome. It’s great to see an organization that do not just study the Bible but also practice what it teaches.

  30. All around the world these events through WMSCOG are happening. Truly these global community service events prove that the teachings of God are truly put into practice. All glory be to God.

  31. The World Mission Society Church of God is an incredible example of what unity, kindness, consideration and love can accomplish in our global community.

  32. It’s amazing to see Elohim God’s glory and love being displayed through their children! I was moved by how a Rutherford resident was able to feel Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother’s love after seeing all of the members being united in helping the community despite the cold weather. Please keep up the excellent work everyone!

  33. It was so fun taking part in this cleanup! The garden looked great and ready for gardening. Can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers bloom in the spring because of the efforts of all the volunteers!

  34. Their contribution to society is truly remarkable. I am so moved how everyone is showing the love of Heavenly Mother.

  35. Wow! Wmscog has an eagerness to show so much love to those around them and never expects anything back. Indeed, this church is amazing.

  36. WMSCOG always showing a great example of helping our neighbors. I’m so proud to be part of this church! “You showed love for nature, love for community and love for a fellow man” – amazing!

  37. It’s amazing to see such hard working people who actually care about others! What a great church !!

  38. I participated in this clean up and can assure you that the energy was so inspiring and uplifting. The residents of the community came to the Garden during the cleanup and expressed their gratitude and thankfulness. I would like to continue to participate in these clean ups, I feel that I contribute to society even though it is such a small deed.

  39. I’m so grateful for the opportunity we had, by helping the community garden become a better place for families to enjoy themselves. All thanks to the unity the WMSCOG has for helping our world become a better place!

  40. Great to see the World Mission Society Church of God helping the towns next to them. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. The Church of God clearly did that with this garden.

  41. I thank God for allowing me to participated in this event helping our Community let’s share the love of Mother

  42. I was so thankful to be part of this amazing clean-up. It feels so refreshing to help our community and our environment through cleanups and many different types of community services. By following in the example of Heavenly Mother, we can serve our community and others without expecting to be served. The World Mission Church of God is always glad to serve from the heart ❤ and with a sincere smile 😀.

  43. This event carried out by this amazing group was full of unity and fun! It is always great to help others and is rewarding to look back at the hard work done united for one cause: helping our neighbors. I am so happy to have been part of this great work done by the WMSCOG!

  44. Truly the WMSCOG do great things following the teachings of God , they look so happy helping and giving in for each other in unity . This is an amazing act for our cominuty! 🙂

  45. Amazing volunteer service
    Everybody is greatly happy and it moves the community
    So happy, great love and unity
    Amazing Wmscog

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