The Elmwood Park community is home to thousands of people, but the streets have become polluted. ASEZ WAO volunteers vowed to help brighten the community by collecting trash. So, on Sunday, May 1, around 45 ASEZ WAO volunteers came together for a street cleanup in Elmwood Park, NJ. Councilwoman Lorraine Pellegrine and Police Chief Michael Foligno joined volunteers to show their support. Councilwoman Pellegrine has joined ASEZ volunteers for other past cleanups in Elmwood Park.

ASEZ WAO’s Dedication to Protect the Environment Through Cleanups

Volunteers broke into seven teams and spread out to cover as much ground as possible. Cleanup areas were along Route 80, River Road, Linden Ave, and Market Street.

Elmwood Park is also home to wildlife like birds, turtles, and other animals. Volunteers removed rusted metals, plastic, broken tires and glass from natural, grassy areas. The effort helped restore animal habitats that are beneficial to the entire environment. The cleanup was in line with ASEZ WAO’s global goal to protect the terrestrial ecosystem and marine life. The less garbage there is on the streets, there’s less garbage that ends up in our waterways. Thus, we can protect the environment and the natural habitats for life on land.

Inspiring Others to Take Steps Toward a Sustainable Future

In the end, volunteers collected around 40 bags of trash. Councilwoman Pellegrine and Chief Foligno showed their support to ASEZ WAO and thanked the volunteers for their effort. “We’re very proud of every one of you for giving up your time on a weekend to help a community that you don’t even live in,” said the Councilwoman. Chief Foligno said, “Your actions today say a lot about each of you, so thank you again. We’re very proud of you.” In the end, they were both inspired to carry out future cleanup events in Elmwood Park.

ASEZ WAO volunteer Kammie Carter said, “A healthy society comes when we carry out the necessary work in the area. By keeping the community clean, we can take one step closer to a more sustainable future.” ASEZ WAO hopes to continue fostering this relationship with the Borough of Elmwood Park to serve and bring hope to the community.

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