On April 18, 2021, about 40 ASEZ student volunteers held a cleanup an Earth Day cleanup in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Students from Passaic County Community College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Bergen Community College, Rutgers University, William Patterson University and Mount Clair University came together for the cause. ASEZ partnered with Elmwood Park’s Mayor and Council for the event.

Earth Day started with thousands of college students in the 70s. There were nationwide protests against the decline of the environment. Now, Earth Day is a day to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness. So, ASEZ students were happy to join a cleanup for the day.

ASEZ Takes Action for Earth Day

During the cleanup, the students broke up into three large groups to clean more areas. Together they filled more than 75 garbage bags with trash and debris. They found tires, pieces of brick and wood, metal shovels, broken car mirrors, couches, shoes, car parts and plastic, and glass bottles.

Ryan Campbell, ASEZ Club President of Passaic County Community College stated, “ASEZ carries out various movements around the world. We’ve done more than 4 cleanups in Elmwood Park alone. It’s important to come out here today as university students. We’re the future leaders and we want to help out in our communities. Our day feels way better after helping someone else out, especially in the beginning of Earth Day week.”

Councilwoman Lorraine Pellegrine Shows the Volunteers Her Support

Lorraine Pellegrine, Councilwoman of Elmwood Park, joined the cleanup to offer her support. She said, “ASEZ is the most wonderful organization there is. They do so much for our community and residents in need. The work you do really does make a difference. When people see volunteer services in their own community, they get to see a visual picture about how everyone can help in their own way.”

By the end of the cleanup, the streets looked much brighter and more welcoming. Going forward, residents can enjoy a clean community. Visit the Activities page to see more events in New Jersey!