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The Good Samaritan Toy Drive

Our deeds reflect our hearts and our minds. At the World Mission Society Church of God, the like-mindedness of Christ is the core motivator for the members’ continuous efforts in the community. The members believe in Heavenly Mother and their mission is to shine the distinct love of Mother through their every deed.

This is why on Sunday, August 23, 2015, the love of Heavenly Mother gave way to a synergistic event between the Church members and the Belleville community. Their combined efforts and contributions resulted in a successful toy drive, where numerous toys were donated for the local Children’s Hospital of New Jersey.

The Church members worked in unity to offer the community an entertaining, carnival-themed, toy drive. Members greeted guests with inviting smiles and warm welcomes. Children of all ages gathered and participated in a variety of activities—face painting, can toss, and even a bouncy house.

All throughout the event, the members displayed the example of the Good Samaritan. In the Bible, Jesus Christ taught that the second and greatest command is to love your neighbor as yourself. This was precisely the attitude of the members. The spirit of giving selflessly overflowed and filled the hearts of all in attendance.

It was a beautiful event and a great starting point for young children to learn to care for the needs of others. Events like this awaken our sense of community and allow us to tune into our nurturing side. The World Mission Society Church of God is committed to spreading this feeling of unconditional love to the world.

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