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Harmony of Hope Concert in Cranford, NJ

On Sunday, August 28, 2022, the Church of God in Cranford, New Jersey hosted a music event called Harmony of Hope. A full orchestra—wind, strings, brass, and percussion—and singers from the Church of God choir celebrated God’s gift of hope and joy through a live ensemble performance.  

The Church of God orchestra performed multiple musical pieces, such as “Zion Overflows with Loving Kindness,” a Church of God original, and an a cappella rendition of Henry Van Dyke’s “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee.” They combined contemporary and classic compositions because the love of God is both timeless and relevant to the world today. The music was exhilarating and filled the room with smiles. 

The Gift of Music

Music has the power to lift spirits and bring us together. In this divisive world, unity is needed now more than ever. The event t Harmony of Hope because that’s exactly what it hoped to achieve—harmony and hope among God’s children. It may sound lofty, but the Church of God believes that with God, anything is possible.

One member from the Church of God in Cranford mentioned, “When my mom heard the orchestra, she was overwhelmed. By the end, she was even singing along.” The member continued, “My mom was still singing three days later. She joked that she wanted to join the choir.” In the Old Testament, King David danced and sang in jubilations (2 Sam 6:14), and the New Testament contains several references to music; the disciples even sang with Christ after keeping the Passover (Mk 14:22-26). 

There are many things that pull us apart and make us feel isolated, but music can transcend our differences. At the Church of God, unity and harmony are at the core of all activities, and this event embodied the mission to strengthen the bonds between us. The Church of God has locations in over 175 countries worldwide, each working to unite the community. Whether through musical concerts, disaster relief, or environmental cleanups, the Church of God looks forward to serving in any way they can.

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