World Mission Society Church of God New Jersey Ridgewood Walk for Awareness 11

2016 Walk for Awareness Volunteer Service at Englewood Hospital

On October 30, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God provided encouragement and inspiration at Englewood Hospital’s 2016 Walk for Awareness. This event involved a 5K walk with the purpose of raising the community’s awareness about breast cancer.

In the U.S., more than 200,000 cases of invasive breast cancer are diagnosed in women each year. So, to contribute to the fight against breast cancer, dozens of residents participated in the walk ‪Sunday afternoon. Moreover, their firm commitment to finding a cure for breast cancer was demonstrated through their participation in the 5K.

As participants walked along, they continuously heard shouts of praise for taking such upright steps to defeat breast cancer. The cheers came from none other than the yellow-shirted volunteers from the Church of God.

Church members shouted with one voice: “Let’s shine the light, put up a good fight! Keep strong, move on, have faith and carry on! We will endure, until we find a cure!”

And still, other Church members cheered: “Hey! Let’s shout it! There ain’t no doubt about it! Spirit! You got some! So face it! You’re awesome!”

About 40 members from the Church of God in Ridgewood attended the Walk for Awareness 2016 to show their support. Until the end, their cheers, full of energy and excitement, resounded throughout the event. Consequently, the enthusiasm of the Church of God members enhanced the atmosphere and uplifted the spirits of families and donors alike.

Todd Brooks, Executive Director at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, praised the Church of God volunteers. “You guys were fantastic once again; it’s been a couple years now that you guys have done this for us,” said Todd Brooks. “The energy you bring, the enthusiasm, the spirits, the great sense of camaraderie—it’s fantastic.”

A few days later, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation awarded the Church volunteers with a Certificate of Appreciation. This came as a result of the Church of God members desire to emulate the love, devotion and sacrifice of Christ. Furthermore, encouraging the 5K participants at the 2016 Walk for Awareness is a prime example of what the Church of God in Ridgewood is about.

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