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Your Family, Our Family, Heaven’s Family

To kick off the spring, the Church of God in Ridgewood held an event called “Your Family, Our Family, Heaven’s Family.” The Church of God held the event on Sunday, March 19. This granted an opportunity for members to spend quality time with their family and relatives, while informing them about church activities.

Members served up a delicious brunch for the guests. Additionally, as attendees enjoyed their meal they were treated to a short Bible seminar. Through the Bible seminar, they learned about the existence of the heavenly family. Most people have heard of God the Father. Nevertheless, most people do not realize that the heavenly family includes God the Father, God the Mother, and the children of God.

Following the brunch and the seminar, the guests learned about the Mother’s Love Art Gallery in Manhattan through a simulated tour. The Mother’s Love Art Gallery is a church-organized art exhibit, showcasing the love of mothers through creative art pieces and literature.

The simulation mimicked the exhibit in the city, giving guests a brief preview of what to expect. Several easels displayed breathtaking photographs, paintings and compositions, illustrating the unconditional love of mothers. Many of the guests were moved by the exhibit. Some even planned to visit the Mother’s Love Art Gallery in the future.

Towards the end of the event, the atmosphere was totally transformed into carnival-like, BBQ-style event. Church of God members and guests enjoyed games, hamburgers and hotdogs, and laughter with each other. Family, friends and colleagues played games like corn hole, duck pond, ring toss and fish-hole. Just for gags, the prizes for some of these games included small gold fish in a bowl. Meanwhile, there was cotton candy for everyone to eat up to their heart’s content. The prizes and cotton candy especially made it feel like a real-life carnival.

The World Mission Society Church of God strives to inspire companionship, tenderness and love among families and community members. The teachings of Christ found in the Bible are the inspiration for such qualities. The Church of God in Ridgewood hopes that everyone can become the beloved members of the heavenly family.

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