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North Brunswick Senior Citizen Center Painting Project

The North Brunswick Senior Citizen Center has provided accommodations the senior citizens of North Brunswick for more than a decade. The activities supervisor, Jessica Zink, stated the center requires constant help to function. Much of this help is provided by volunteers. Typically, the people who support and volunteer for the center are of older age. Yet, employees from the center were delightfully surprised to see young adults volunteering from the World Mission Society Church of God.

On Sunday, June 11, a small group of volunteers joined together to upgrade the restrooms of the Senior Citizen Center. The restrooms, which were in need of a renovation, received a fresh coat of paint and décor. The volunteers worked eagerly with the hope that their efforts would bring smiles to the faces of the seniors who frequently visit the center. Moreover, the visitors previously requested that the restrooms be revamped.

World Mission Society Church of God north brunswick senior citizen center painting project

World Mission Society Church of God volunteers are always willing to serve their communities in all aspects. Therefore, they were especially thrilled to be able to lend themselves to the Senior Citizen Center of North Brunswick. The employees of the center, too, were ecstatic to see the volunteers go above and beyond what they expected. Not only did the volunteers paint the restrooms, but they also decorated them with beautiful accessories.

“Through this ostensibly small act I feel like we have truly made a difference for an important part of our community,” said a Church of God volunteer.

As a result of the volunteer service, Jessica Zink and the staff were overjoyed with the redesigned bathrooms. The center expressed the desire to continue working with the World Mission Society Church of God. And as for the volunteers, they had an absolute blast, and they are looking forward to the next time they can make a contribution to their community.

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