East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016

Recently, members of the World Mission Society Church of God around the world renewed their commitment to community service. As a result, they have been carrying out more volunteer efforts for their neighbors in their local regions. In Bogota, volunteers worked with Mayor Christopher Keleman and councilmembers of the Town of Bogota, to help homeowners in need.

About 60 volunteers assisted seven pre-registered homes with the removal of weeds, trimming hedges, raking leaves, and moving heavy objects. Services were specifically for seniors and residents with disabilities who are unable to properly maintain their lawns. Through their acts, volunteers were able to help residents bring their lawns up to town code and avoid fines, which was a great concern for town officials.

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Mayor Christopher Kelemen and Bogota councilmembers Michael Connors and Carmen Diaz  came by the Church to encourage the volunteers. The Mayor even presented the Church with an honorary letter of service thanking the volunteers for their work in Bogota.

“Today’s volunteering by the World Mission Society Church of God surely exemplifies your concerns for community pride along with the admiration to help people in need. This shares what defines loyalty, faith and the spirit of love. Our world can be a much kinder place if everyone could love neighbors as you have shown us today,” said Mayor Kelemen, addressing all the volunteers.

Helen Remy, a local resident, really appreciated the help. “My kids don’t live close by and I just let the garden go this year. I really appreciate it. It looks beautiful,” Remy said while smiling over her restored yard.

Members were invigorated from the event and look forward to creating a long-lasting relationship with their neighbors as well as the town council of Bogota.

The volunteer event was part of the East Coast Volunteer Service Day 2016. More than 25 locations in the United States from New Hampshire to Florida, as well as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, hosted volunteer events on the same day.

These efforts were part of a multi-state campaign to emphasize the importance of volunteerism. Church of God volunteers are especially excited to continue serving their communities after receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is the most prestigious award in the United Kingdom given to organizations that display exceptional contribution to their communities.