One Sunday afternoon, the World Mission Society Church of God in Passaic partook in a volunteer activity to share the love of God the Mother with seniors at Chestnut Hill Convalescent Center.

The volunteers prepared fun and entertaining performances, including the Charleston dance, a Grease dance medley, a solo song “Stand by Me,“ and a children’s choir. It was not long until joy and laughter filled the hall. Both the staff and the seniors were very happy, smiling from ear to ear, as they watched the show. Some onlookers even started to dance and sing a long, reminiscing on good memories.

The staff was impressed to see so many young people devoting their time to community service. Just as God came to serve us and show us unconditional love, the members of the Church of God want to follow God’s example and serve the community with love as well.

The seniors, who felt God’s love through the volunteers, said they extremely appreciated the members’ performances and time spent together. Chestnut Hill Convalescent Center’s Activity Director June said she was very happy the Church of God volunteers came to visit and spend time with the seniors. She encouraged the members to continue doing what they’re doing and looks forward to working with the Church of God again.

The Church of God members will continue serving the community in Passaic County and will continue spreading the love of God the Father and God the Mother.